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About Us

Welcome to artisan furnishing, where our heart is.

our team works closely with homeowners, architects and professional consultants. listening and taking into consideration individual client's taste, preferences and requirements to customize the space to suit each and every need, making their dream home a reality. 

Catering to the design desire of individualistic spaces, we bring to you our curated brands from europe. from tuscany craftmanship kitchen, german quality sanitary wares, luxurious italian furniture, artisan has thought it out for you.


Have a creative mind and in need of a topnotch fabricator? artisan, working together with our own carpentry firm - artico, creates the opportunity to customize quality iconic pieces for clients wanting more than what the imported systems can offer. 

“people regardless of backgrounds and cultures spend quality time in the kitchen with their loved ones, simply because the kitchen is the heart of a home.”


Having returned to singapore after more than 35 years of working with the big names in the industry both locally and internationally, the love for the kitchen industry had brought about the dedication to share the endless possibility  with consumers, artisan was founded. 


James’ appreciation for design, passion for innovation, together with his creative mind and attention to detail, have shaped artisan’s core. with his approachable personality and generous character, james have forged many good relationship with partners and clients, and have brought to life many dream kitchens with well crafted built to last carpentry works.

His immense knowledge on the appliances scene has also introduced many clients to a wide range of appliances, understanding and making the right selection for the equipment that would bring joy and ease to their culinary journey.

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